Holding of the “humanERROR Parade”

It is our desire for people to utilize the song, "human ERROR" by "FRYING DUTCHMAN" during the humanERROR parade, as a sort of memorial to the victims of the 2011 Japan earthquake, as well as to deepen the considerations we must make towards the decommissioning and phasing out of nuclear power plants. By sharing these feelings and spirit, your participation in this event of freedom, we hope it will spread throughout the world.

Where to play this song:
Please play this song wherever you are; in the streets, shops, your car, your friend’s or colleagues’ cars. Even if you are alone at home, please play this tune in your room.
Of course, if you are at a large-scale gathering, such as a demonstration, rally, exhibition, etc., we hope humanERROR will be noticed.
But participation is not limited to where there are many people. Even listening on your media player, or your smartphone, pc, etc. is participation in the humanERROR parade.

How to Participate

  • ●The parade kicks off on March 10 at noon (12:00 p.m.). By playing “HumanERROR” at theseevents, you can spread this movement to even more people. During these 2 days, create a “virtualparade” by playing “HumanERROR” over and over. Share the music with friends and family memberswho haven’ t discovered it yet but who share your desire for a safe and peaceful world.
  • On March 11 (Saturday) at 1:00 p.m., at the Tidanowa Festival in Okinawa, all of us in Frying Dutchmanwill perform “HumanERROR” with all our soul for all of Japan. You can watch this performance live onUstream and synchronize your feelings with like-minded people all over the world. We believe thatrevolution begins when people’ s hearts unite.

list of venues

list of venues

Current number of people attending(Last Modified:2012/3/10)

Number of Organizations and Individuals planning to hold demonstrations/events
Number of people planning to attend in the general public
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humanERROR (original sound)

humanERROR (french subs)

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Holding of the “humanERROR Parade” ­­ Frying Dutchman

Since 3/11, Frying Dutchman has been outraged at the Japanese government’ s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Instead of trying to return Fukushima to normal, the government is worsening the radiation contamination and essentially abandoning the survivors of the disaster. Through our CD single “HumanERROR,” released on August 22, we have expressed our sincere feelings. Thanks to our fans’ support, our “Human ERROR” video on YouTube was viewed over 30,000 times in the first month online and is now being played all over the world. We realized anew the power of music and believe that now is the chance for us to come together as one. As we approach March 11, 2012?the first anniversary of that unrecoverable disaster?a massive wave of resistance to nuclear power and of support for the survivors is taking shape all over Japan. Music can connect all of these people?those taking part in demonstrations and rallies, people taking action with their friends or families, and even people praying at home by themselves. That’ s why we decided to hold the All-World All-Japan Human ERROR One Million Person Parade. We hope all of you can take part.

The Japanese government, valuing money and economics over the lives of its own people, continues to deceive the public even today and refuses to change its posture of protecting Tokyo Electric. Although occurring after massive damage caused by an earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima nuclear power disaster is a man-made calamity. With the affected area nowhere near returning to normal, the government has pursued a policy tantamount to abandoning the disaster-stricken communities, and now fears are growing that radiation will spread all over Japan through the transport of radioactive rubble and the contamination of food. Each of us must now carefully consider various information with an open mind and decide our own opinion. With courage, we must also spread and share information, take action, and firmly build our future. If our parade can break down the wall of apathy, then surely we will be able to hand down on a safe, secure Japan to our children. It is with this hope that we are having this parade. We of Frying Dutchman are filled with love and gratitude for being able to get to know so many of you who live in this era with us. We want to stand up strong with all of you. That’ s why we ask all of you to participate in the HumanERROR One Million Person Parade.

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